Lisbon 2015

Lisbon 2015
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Best Abstract Awards

Best oral communication was awarded to Dr P.J. Morena for “Comparative analysis of the faecal virome of healthy dogs and dogs with chronic enteropathy”.

Second best oral communication was awarded to Dr R. Lobetti for “A comparison of ultrasonographic and clinical findings in 293 dogs with acute pancreatitis: different clinical presentation with left limb, right limb, or diffuse involvement of the pancreas.”

Best poster

Best poster communication was awarded to Dr A. Grellet for “The influence of a moderate intensity short duration exercise on serum C-reactive protein and fecal S100A12 concentrations in adult dogs.”

About the meeting

The 25th ECVIM congress took place in Lisbon in 2015. We would like to thank our main programme speakers for an interesting mix of topics: Stefan Unterer gave an update on haemorrhagic gastroenteritis in the dog, Eran Dvir on Spirocercosis, and Caroline Mansfield gave cutting edge insights into the intestinal virome and endomicroscopy as a new endoscopic technique.

Expert Advice

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