Malta 2017

Malta 2017
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Best Abstract Awards

Dr J. Cartwright won the Purina/ Nestle award for best oral ESCG abstract, entitled “Vitamin D receptor expression in the dog and the effect of intestinal inflammation”.

Dr A.C. Manchester was awarded the second best oral ESCG abstract, entitled “Long-term impact of tylosin on the faecal microbiota of healthy dogs”.

Best poster

The best poster presentation was awarded to Dr F. Jolivet, called “Fasting and postprandial variations of plasma TLI, cobalamin and folate concentrations in healthy beagle dogs”.

About the meeting

This year’s programme was a special collaboration between the ESCG and the SCH, so excellence was guaranteed!

Thursday’s programme included Hedwig Kruitwagen talking about hepatic and intestinal organoids, Jody Gooking giving an interesting insight into gallbladder mucoceles, Kenny Simpson and Emma O’Neill updating us on feline triaditis and canine cholangitis/ cholecystitis, respectively, and 3 excellent talks all evolving around host-pathogen or host-microbial interactions (Jody Gooking: host-defense strategies for minimally-invasive epithelial pathogens, Kenny Simpson: host genetics in granulomatous colitis, Kenny Simpson: the role of the intestinal luminal environment in colitis)

Friday’s programme included some brilliant oral abstracts, the ACVIM/ECVIM shared lecture by Sharon Center regarding ductal plate abnormalities in dogs, and again 3 excellent talks, this time all with regards to the intestinal microbiota, their metabolism (especially bile acids) and the effects of treatment (Jan Suchodolski: Intestinal microbiome and metabolome profiles across various gastrointestinal diseases; Blake Guard: Intestinal microbiota and bile acid metabolism, Jan Suchodolski: How to alter the gut microbiota: effects of antibiotics and faecal microbiota transplantation).

More abstracts were presented on Saturday afternoon.

Expert Advice

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