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Who we are

A group of European small animal gastroenterology specialists

The ESCG is a non-profit organisation for veterinarians and other veterinary professionals specialised or with a great interest in small animal gastroenterology.


We are affiliated and governed by the ECVIM-CA. Find more information on this college on 

The European Society of Comparative Gastroenterology (ESCG) board is comprised of volunteer members (Diplomates) of the European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine for Companion Animals (ECVIM-CA), which are specialist EBVS-recognised veterinarians in this discipline, but with a particular interest in gastroenterology.

Our Objectives

Bringing small animal gastroenterologists and trainee gastroenterologist together

To enhance interest in and spread knowledge and understanding of veterinary and comparative gastroenterology 

To bring veterinary professionals and industry with an interest and passion for gastroenterology together, making networking easier (in person or electronically) and allowing collaborative research

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